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Staging Tips for Your Real Estate Sale

Low Cost Ways to Sell Your Real Estate

These easy, low cost strategies to make your real estate more appealing are sure to have your potential buyers saying YES! With these simple steps, you can be sure your real estate is at its best to greet buyers and invite them to buy your property.

Safety first:

  • be sure your door and window locks function
  • if you have a security system, be sure the little note for the code is well out of reach of buyers' eyes
  • take phone lists off the fridge and put it in a hidden place so your information stays safe

When you first list your home:

  • Outside:
    • power wash the driveway, sidewalk, walkways, and the exterior of your home
    • clean the gutters
      • purchase new doormats
      • a welcoming step will bring in welcoming buyers
    • clean, paint or replace the mailbox
    • clean or replace the house numbers on the mailbox and side of the home
    • replace or clean old, tarnished, or broken doorknobs on both exterior and interior doors
    • be sure those bulbs on the outdoor lights are bright
      • buyers will drive by your home at night, too
    • place bright flowers or a small evergreen in a pot and keep on the front porch
    • place a seasonal wreath on the front door
  • Inside:
    • have the carpets cleaned
    • give the house a good look with a critical eye
      • buyers will notice dirty grout in the tile, crooked drawers and cabinet doors, and old spills under the sinks - fix the little things that look bad and show off your home at its best
      • buyers will hear things, too - be sure the leaky faucet or running toilet is fixed so your home sounds inviting, too
      • look for lots of dings and nicks in the paint - touch up paint (or a fresh coat of the same color) will go a long way toward making your home feel fresh and clean
      • De-clutter your counters, tables, and desks
        • buyers are also curious - put away that address book, calendar, and stack of bills; keep the shaving creme and hand lotion under the sink and the bathroom will feel larger right away
      • remove odors, don't cover them up - some buyers are bloodhounds and can smell a smoker's home in an instant
    • extra tips to help add sales appeal
      • closet space is a critical purchase point: closets overflowing with your stuff will make them feel small, so reduce the amount within by half
      • too much furniture will also reduce the feeling of space: cut back the extra tables and chairs, at least, to open up the areas of your home
      • everyone has different tastes: one person might love the moose head or six foot bass on your wall, but others will be turned away - keep that in mind and consider packing that fish away during the selling period and replace with more generic wall art
      • increase the wattage of the light bulbs inside to brighten your home

While your home is on the market:

  • keep up the yard
    • mow the lawn, trim the hedges, sweep the steps and your home will invite buyers in right away
    • keep the flowerbeds clean - remove the dead stuff for sure; a little fresh mulch never hurts, either
    • keep the walkways and driveway edged
    • be sure that windows are not blocked by foliage - the more sunlight you let in the nicer your home feels
  • run the vacuum and/or dust mop just before a showing
  • keep up the housekeeping and cleaning frequently to reduce the amount of work you do just before a showing
  • take a walk or run errands during a showing
    • buyers feel more comfortable looking around when you're not there

Make Selling Your Real Estate Easier!

There are many, many details to be handled when selling real estate.  From preparing for sale to settlement, rest assured that Julie Wright Realty Group has everything in hand and will be there every step of the way.  Please contact us for a full listing consultation today to find out just how we develop the relationships which sell real estate.

Request Your Complimentary Home Evaluation

Many real estate agents still use the old-fashioned PFA (Pulled from the Air) method to determine the fair market value of real estate.  At Julie Wright Realty Group, we know that although experience has its place, current market data is the only way to take the guesswork out of home valuation.  Let us perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), where we will collect and compare current data for real estate similar to yours. This system will analyze properties comparable to yours in terms of house size, lot size, improvements, locations, and schools.  With realistic, accurate information, we can provide you with a genuine value from which we can price your property for sale.  Please contact us for a credible analysis today.

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