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Research Triangle Park

The Research Triangle Park, founded in 1959, is an unincorporated area of development for businesses and research where over 170 companies call home.  Employees here live in all areas of the Triangle, and the neighboring counties are within easy commute to the RTP businesses.  The RTP is managed by the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina, not any one county; indeed, Durham and Wake Counties have special zoning districts dedicated to research and science with are separate from the remaining zoning areas of each county.

RTP is home to companies ranging from Information Technology companies like IBM and Cisco to pharmaceutical and medical industry leaders like Glaxo SmithKline and Bayer to financial groups like Fidelity and Wells Fargo.  The RTP also has its own high school, credit union, and sporting leagues, providing not only employment but also support to employers and employees in their personal lives. 

For more information about the RTP please visit their homepage, RTP.org, where you will find information on events, programs and employment.

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